Ultra Muscleze®

The original and the best magnesium powder, formulated for healthy muscle contraction and relaxation. Ultra Muscleze is your solution for muscle cramps, aches and pains, as well as migraines, premenstrual tension and period cramps.

Ultra Muscleze is a great-tasting, high-dose magnesium powder featuring UltraMag®, a specialised mineral delivery system that enhances absorption and intestinal tolerance of magnesium. Ultra Muscleze also contains the amino acids carnitine, glutamine and taurine, with B vitamins and other supportive nutrients.


UltraBiotic IBS

Bloating, abdominal pain and changing bowel habits... Get symptomatic relief from medically diagnosed irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) with clinically trialled UltraBiotic IBS.

UltraBiotic IBS is an evidence-based, dairy-free blend of four probiotic strains known as LAB4 to support the health of the digestive and immune systems.It is heat-stable, providing 25 billion CFU at room temperature and 45 billion CFU when refrigerated. The LAB4 formulation has been clinically demonstrated to improve the quality of life of people with medically diagnosed irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Additionally, UltraBiotic IBS may assist with the maintenance of normal healthy intestinal flora during and following antibiotic use, and may also provide nutritional support for normal healthy immune function.


Grapeseed Extract (forte)

Grape Seed Forte is a rich source of oligomeric proanthocyandins (OPCs) which are a form of potent bioflavonoids. OPC's can strengthen weak blood vessels and are of particular benefit to the vascular system and connective tissues. They also provide antioxidant protection against cell damage by free radicals.

There’s strong evidence that grape seed extract is beneficial for a number of cardiovascular conditions. Grape seed extract may help with a type of poor circulation (chronic venous insufficiency) and high cholesterol. Grape seed extract also reduces swelling caused by injury and helps with eye disease related to diabetes.